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Advanced Angling Solutions 

Advanced Angling Solutions are one of the UK’s leading online angling retailers, providing over 14,000 products from leading brands, and expert advice, to anglers across the country.

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Why us?

Prior to working with us, Advanced Angling Solutions were using four individual sales channels (WordPress site, Amazon, eBay, and in-store till) that were unconnected. This meant they had to manually update stock levels and manage new product listings individually across the various platforms, leading to a lack of consistency across their range of over 14,000 products and stock management issues and a lack of direct sales revenue from the website.

They were also having to dispatch orders manually and their point of sale automation system was not working correctly, requiring them to print delivery labels manually.

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Advanced Angling Solutions tasked us to:

  • Synchronise stock across all four sales channels; Physical Store, Website, Amazon, eBay
  • Streamline their order fulfilment process
  • Manage stock reordering based on current stock levels
  • Generate shipping labels and packing slips efficiently

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Our approach

Our initial approach was to gain an understanding of AAS’ current position, determine the goals of the business and determine a strategy that would deliver an efficient e-commerce operation and help them achieve long term, sustainable growth.

After reviewing the current systems that AAS had in place we built a brand new, bespoke Shopify site and replaced their till with an integrated Shopify POS system.

We introduced Veeqo to create a seamless stock management and shipping platform that would increase efficiency and introduce automation to their order fulfilment process.

We also imported AAS’ entire product catalogue into their new eCommerce store, ensuring accurate product descriptions and prices were in place as well as automating the product library to update across all platforms when items are sold or restocked.

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The results

Since launching their new website, Advanced Angling Solutions have:

  • Increased website sales
  • Increased Amazon sales
  • 12% increase in sales within 30 days of launch compared with the previous period
  • Reduction in order fulfilment time
  • Reduction in customer refunds due to proper stock level management

In addition, we have:

  • Made life easier for the business owner, they have now been able to take a step back from order fulfilment
  • Increased their Amazon seller reputation
  • Set up automated stock checking Veeqo app to ensure accurate levels, the shop manager can now check stock levels remotely on any device
  • Changed payment providers and minimised selling fees where possible to increase profit margins
  • Provided on-site training for staff on how to use the new POS and order fulfilment system
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The future

Advanced Angling Solutions has exciting ambitions to be the leading angling retailer in the UK and we are proud to have supported this journey by delivering an e-commerce website that has increased revenue and efficiency within the business.

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