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Your foundation for future optimisation

Launch Pad

The goal of the Launch Pad website is to quickly build a website that looks and performs better than what you have today, but it's not your final site.

Your Launch Pad website is the foundation from which you collect real-user data. Then you get a clear idea of what user-driven improvements or optimisations are needed for your site.

Launch Pad

Make more informed decisions

Traditionally, a team would build a website and make critical decisions based on what they BELIEVE will perform well. Using Growth-Driven Design, we deploy an initial Launch Pad site into the real world and learn how users interact with it in REALITY. As visitors engage with the website, we collect behavioural data and feedback from your users. This data allows you to make more informed decisions to optimise your website, and make it more effective.

Take action

A clear-cut approach that works

We fully build and design your Launch Pad site so your visitors see and experience a professional and functional website, but behind the scenes, our planning and best practices accelerate the launch and learning process. We help you remove roadblocks, build internal assets and enable your team to take action.

Launch Pad website

Keeping it simple

The Launch Pad website may be a refresh of your existing site or your first website ever. The Launch Pad process is equally effective.

We do an in-depth audit of your existing website to see misalignment or gaps between your website and your strategy, looking at site architecture, design, content, and functionality. If you don't have a site, we will use our experience, and the information gathered in the strategy phase to develop a brand new website using pre-built assets.

We will work with you during the Launch Pad process to quickly assemble exceptional content such as text, photos, or videos that connect with your visitors and encourage specific behaviour.

Together we determine what can be added and prioritised on the wish list you created during the strategy phase and ensure we invest our time in the activities that will yield the best results.

Reduce Risk

Bring your vision to life

A Launch Pad website lowers your upfront website costs and time commitment and spreads it out over the long term, reducing your business's risk. Not only will you see results faster, but you will see a quicker return on your investment.



From dreams to success

Successful websites begin with a focused growth strategy.


Launch Pad

Create opportunities

Launch quickly and collect real-user data to optimise your site

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Optimal performance comes through data-driven improvements.

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