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SmoothieBox are an online smoothie business based in the United States. They provide their customers with high quality, frozen smoothie mixes made with organic ingredients as a one time purchase or a monthly subscription.

SmoothieBox tasked us to increase sales, reduce customer churn and increase customer lifetime value.

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Why us?

SmoothieBox has ambitious growth targets and were referred to us by their marketing agency to provide strategic direction through our Growth-Driven Design retainer services.

We were given three clear goals:

  • Drive more sales
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Increase customer lifetime value (LTV)


Our approach

Our initial approach was to gain an understanding of SmoothieBox’s current position, determine the goals of the business and those of their customers. This process allowed us to create a strategy that would meet their requirements for long-term, sustainable growth.

We reviewed SmoothieBox’s existing technology system, examining how their website functioned with Shopify and HubSpot as well as a number of other third-party integrations.

We then redesigned their website, moving their Shopify based sales funnel onto a subdomain and the rest of their site on to HubSpot CMS to seamlessly integrate with their marketing platform. We also rebuilt their purchase funnel and box builder to optimise for conversions.

We also rebuilt the customer dashboard to address issues with churn by improving the customer’s subscription management options, enabling them to:

  • Change box contents
  • Pause subscription
  • Adjust delivery dates
  • Change payment methods

In addition, we have built an automation that creates pre-configured bundles for affiliates. This passes bundles, products or discount codes, automatically to the checkout, streamlining the sales process.

These improvements to the customer experience have helped to increase customer LTV and reduce customer churn.

We also built a custom shipping integration (Shopify App) to send advanced shipping details through to their distribution centres (DCs). This integration ensured:

  • Automation in sending orders to DCs
  • Automatic tracking data retrieval back to the customer
  • DC selection determined by customer location
  • DC instructed on how much dry ice to include in each box based on weather conditions in different states
  • Delay orders scheduled to be delivered to areas affected by adverse weather events (wildfires, hurricanes etc.)

As well as these integrations, we’ve built new targeted landing pages for specific marketing campaigns that allow the team to attribute sales to each individual campaign element, and demonstrate return on investment for email marketing, social media and paid search.

The results

We have successfully supported SmoothieBox in hitting their growth targets and continue to work with them on a monthly basis to implement strategies that drive growth. This includes the continuous optimisation of their website, management of their HubSpot account and the creation of inbound marketing campaigns to drive more sales and enhance lead generation at the top of their sales funnel.

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Vin McCauley, President of SmoothieBox commented:

“James and his team have excelled at building a solid foundation for our business to grow. We have a strong SEO foundation to build from, HubSpot fully integrated and an e-commerce funnel that converts.

&beyond’s Growth-Driven Design method of managing us as a client, and our growth ideas have been a welcome change from the world of traditional web design that I came from.

Lastly, the team has always been there for us when needed, and it's hard to put a value on that.”

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The future

SmoothieBox has exciting ambitions for their future growth, both in terms of their product range and revenue goals.

We continue to work closely with SmoothieBox, as an extension of their core team, to deliver continued improvements to the online user experience and impactful marketing strategies that achieve their growth targets.

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